Gluten Free Pancakes? Really?

Gluten Free Pancakes? Really?

So I started a weekly Pancakes and Milkshakes dinner party at my house on Fridays. 

Is it possible to make Gluten Free, Dairy free pancakes well? Turns out... yep!

Is it possible to make Gluten Free, Dairy free pancakes well? Turns out... yep!

I say "dinner party." I mean, I asked my children one time what they wanted for dinner and one said "Panpapes!" because she's three, and the other said "Milkshakes!" because she is her father's daughter for sure.

And because I am a good millenial/Gen X digital native parent, I thought "Hey that rhymes!" and it became an instant hashtag, meaning I had to make an occasion.

Dear friends, I'm cooking #pancakeandmilkshakes every Friday and you're invited.

And they said yes. A bunch of people. Everyone is a glutton.


And then the dietary restrictions came pouring in, and I won't lie, I love them and hate them. Love because they are a challenge and I'm a Leo and I sure do enjoy some adoration when I come through with difficult things for the people I love, plus it wouldn't be a good party without 37 different versions of things, right?

Hate, because can we all just agree to be allergic to the same thing? No?

So Gluten Free/ Dairy Free pancakes, y'all. Does this even exist?

Absolutely, it does. Pinterest is full of recipes involving arrowroot flour (wut?) and bananas (errrr) and maybe an egg, maybe some prayer and summoning a crossroads demon or two, plus a dash of vanilla.


It took me three days of reading ingredients when I finally just walked into Whole Foods and bought a box of pancake mix that said "Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, wheat free EVERYTHING FREE OK??" right across the front of the box in giant crayon sized letters. Thank you.

Cherrybrook Kitchen claims to make an all natural, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, peanut free, nut free, egg free pancake mix with strict kitchen requirements that none of these ingredients come in contact with their kitchen equipment. They are practically sterile. They want to make dinner parties happier and more inclusive.

And know what? These pancakes are good. Like really good. 

I had a minor fiasco trying to cook with coconut oil, but I let my gluten free/dairy free friend man the helm and all was well.

Pancakes with no gluten- eaten anyway

They are fluffy like real pancakes. They have none of the dense flavor I've come to associate with eating at her house (love you! your crustless quiche, amazeballs. Really.) And people ate them without ever suspecting that they were different than the regular old box-and-probably-preservative-laden pancakes.

So congrats, Cherrybrook Kitchen! I didn't think it could be done, but you've created a really good everything-free pancake mix. Thanks for making me look impressive at my dinner party.


Elizabeth and Jenn say: Are you gluten free? How do you live? Just kidding. Also what's your favorite way to impress your guests?

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