Digit Savings: A review

Digit Savings: A review

Is Digit a Savings Hack or Nah?

Digit Savings


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You guys, I’m a total shit saver. 

There, I said it. I’ve never been a saver. As a child, I spent all the money anyone ever gave me. In college, when I had no responsibilities or bills, I had a brief glorious moment of saving because I literally had nothing else to do with my money.

But now I have kids and a job. And those kids and job make me tired. And when I’m tired I make bad decisions and have no forward sight. You know the rest of the story.

Hack your savings

So I went looking for some savings hacks. 

You know those movies that crop up periodically where nerdy criminals decide to hack into a financial system and withdraw quarter of half cents into a separate account and they end up billionaires without anyone having noticed at all?


So I heard about this app that basically steals money from your account and squirrels it away into a different account in small increments without you knowing. 

Ok, so you have to set it up and connect it to your bank account and give it permission, so it isn’t technically stealing. 

It’s called Digit. I tried it out on a whim, and can I just say that I freaking love it? 

But does Digit work?

I’ve had it since June 2015, and it’s gotten so good at predicting my dumb spending habits. I'll forget about it, and then I’ll look and OMG there's $250 in that account without my ever having noticed any money was gone. Brilliant.

My total lifetime savings so far is $1239.31. This ain't yacht money, but it's excellent for an app stealing pennies when I’m not looking.

The developers promise that you’ll never overdraw because of Digit withdrawals, and I don’t know what kind of witch magic artificial intelligence they use (the machines…they come….) but so far it’s worked. Not a single penny overdrawn.

Now I’ll be honest, I withdraw my Digit money all the time to pay bills because I’m still working on my financial systems, and this does not at all replace a solid, reliable savings system (pay yourself that 15% or whatever first) or retirement (but no seriously, save for retirement. However, it does offer you an extra savings cushion without ever thinking about saving.

The bad news

One of the drawbacks is that the interest you earn from this money goes to the company to pay for its services. If you plan to use this long term, do what I do, and plan to go in and withdraw the entire amount on a regular basis to put in a place where you can earn interest (*ahem or pay bills. Tomato/Tomahto.) 

Other than that, let this app do its job and save pennies you’ll never miss. 

Digit: The basics

It’s available for both Android and iOS systems and standard messaging rates apply (you can set your preferences for this.) 

There’s a website available, but the whole thing functions as simply as possible. The website tells you exactly what the Digit texts do, your current balance and the balance in your bank account. The only thing I use the website for is to check my statements. 

The app is free and the system is free. As long as you withdraw your savings to put into an interest earning account periodically, you should be good to go.

Shit savers unite! There’s hope for us after all.

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Jenn and Elizabeth want to know: Are you a saver or a spender? How much is in your retirement account? (kidding just kidding just kidding.) How do you hack your financial systems???

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